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New York, United States

Looking for Student-Driven Tech Professionals

Bronx, New York
Tech Artist / Teacher
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Job Description:

Tech in Schools Initiative (TSI) is at the forefront of integrating industry-leading knowledge with educational excellence, crafting an environment where technology and innovation are the cornerstones of learning. We are currently seeking dynamic educators to join our team as Technology Education Specialists, imparting cutting-edge skills in 3D Modeling/Animation, Web Design, and Entrepreneurship to the next generation of innovators.

As a Technology Education Specialist with TSI, you will be an ambassador of change, shaping the minds of students from K-12 with the power of technology. You will not only teach but also inspire, demonstrating the profound impact technology has on our world. Our educators are more than teachers; they are industry savants, fervent in their desire to ignite a passion for technology in young minds. This role offers the unique opportunity to enrich your professional expertise with industry certifications while molding the technological leaders of tomorrow.

TSI is a recognized vendor for the NYCDOE, dedicated to infusing the educational landscape with the latest technological advancements, seasoned professionals, and transformative learning materials. We empower students and educators alike with an abundance of free resources, innovative creation tools, and the expertise required to navigate the evolving terrain of technology. Our comprehensive software ecosystem is designed for utmost security and efficiency, ensuring a robust infrastructure that supports our mission to redefine educational paradigms globally.

    • Deliver engaging, interactive instruction to students ranging from K-12, both online and in-person.
    • Guarantee a premier educational experience centered on STEM disciplines and state-of-the-art technologies.
    • Design and administer lesson plans, manage classroom attendance, and maintain digital documentation as mandated by the NYCDOE.
    • Enhance student engagement and comprehension through clear, concise communication of instructional content and assignments.
    • Adhere to and promote educational best practices and technology integration within the curriculum.
    • Foster a collaborative classroom atmosphere, stimulating students’ enthusiasm for learning.
    • Offer flexible scheduling to accommodate diverse learning environments.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • At least 2 years of experience teaching in a classroom or equivalent experience in a technology-centric role.
  • Proven expertise in developing lesson plans and educational content.
  • Proficient in Web Development or 3D Modeling and Animation.
  • Solid understanding of Web Design principles and core programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • Familiarity with Computer Science concepts and programming fundamentals.
  • Experience in curriculum development and a quick learner when it comes to new technologies.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as XR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality), IoT (Internet of Things), as well as Drones and Robotics.
  • Proficiency with educational tools such as Google Classroom, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity or Unreal Game Engine (C#), WordPress, and Tinkercad/3D printing software.
  • Experience with educational platforms like CoSpaces, Scratch, and Code.org.
  • Programming proficiency in JavaScript and Python.
Job application:

Educating young students in unprivileged communities is no easy task. That is why we are always looking for amazing educators that are passionate about emerging technology and more importantly giving back to students in the public school education system.