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Frequently asked questions.

Please contact us if you would like additional information. We provided frequently asked questions that may help answer some questions you may have.

TSI programs offer schools and students an opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and learn from the most up-to-date curriculum. Each student is given access to over 40 premium apps and months of content

Our program can be taught in grades K-12 and beyond, including adult reeducation, colleges, and universities

Our programs are designed to work both online and in-person. Online, the curriculum incorporates popular remote learning tools such as Google Classroom and Zoom as well as all TSI apps. In-person, students get a chance to physically work with new technology such as Oculus, Hololens, and Magic Leap.

No. The pricing is either per program or per class. When paying per program, schools can run several different classes. Classes range from 10-30 students.

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