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Our programs have enriched the educational journey for over 2,000 students, equipping them with next-level STEM skills.

In our immersive courses, students delve deep into the intricacies of Full-Stack Web Development, AI, AR/VR, and Entrepreneurship, thereby shaping them for the future demands of the global job market.

Master AI Development Node JS Stable Diffusion GPT NextJS Generative AI and build products!

TSI Bootcamp programs are not just interactivebut fully immersive, opening new avenues for studentsinterested in carving out careers careers in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Comprehensive Educational Resources
Every student has 24/7 online access to a robust curriculum, exhaustive reference materials, and step-by-step guides, making the learning process as detailed as it is fascinating.
Total Engagement Guaranteed
Students get to work on exciting projects under the guidance of seasoned tech professionals, utilizing a plethora of web tools that ensure 100% engagement.
Skill Enhancement - Beyond the Basics
Our holistic approach boosts both hard and soft skills, including but not limited to Literacy, Digital Organization, Research & Development, and Communication skills.

Power-Packed Tools for Learning

TSI Bootcamp has developed an array of web applications and tools that empower students in mastering computer programming and IT skills.

Web Builder
Create websites seamlessly using our web builder. Students the ability to drag and drop code blocks onto their web pages and the ability to write custom code.
Help Desk
FAQ and step by step instructions for all our platforms. Kids that have technical issues can easily search our documentation platform.
Social Network
Students can securely post their projects publicly to other students for them to view, comment, and learn from.
Code Editors
Edit live code files for projects. Students learn about code errors, debugging, file organization.
Image & Video Editing
Use web-based Image and Video editors to build content for websites.
User our Learning Management System where you can view the content & curriculum, take exams, and submit assignments.

Designed for Success

TSI Bootcamp lessons aim to escalate competencies in Digital Literacy, Communication, and Problem-Solving. We provide cutting-edge tech industry insights, a wealth of resources, and validations through industry certifications.

Critical Thinking

Logic & Problem Solving, Math principals, Data and Analytics, Programming, Planning

Reading & Comprehension

Organizational skills, Research and Development, Following tasks and Instructions, Writing daily reflections

Creativity & Art

Design (UI/UX), Colors swatches and Text Fonts, Prototyping, Storytelling, 3D modeling

Digital Literacy

Communication skills, Social Network etiquette, Typing, Safely navigate the web, Computer basics

Programming & Development Standards

Invaluable skills

It is important for students to get an understanding of the various Technology Professions there are out there. Students in our program get the opportunity to learn Game Development for Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality, Web Development, or 3D Animation. Developers and Designers in these fields are growing as computing is getting more and more ubiquitous in people’s daily lives

We Believe in Ubiquitous Quality Education.

Computer programming jobs are growing 3x faster than students entering the field. Yet fewer schools teach computer science than 10 years ago. 90% of K-12 schools in the United States don’t even teach it.
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We Believe in Strong STEM Foundation.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Basic programming activities help nurture creativity and problem solving skills. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any future career path.

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Our Amazing Partners

Through our partnerships, we are able to give students and teachers the necessary tools and resources to build on the Web. Our partnerships give us the opportunity to bring the most cutting-edge Technology into the classroom.

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Google for Education