TSI Gets a Donation from Digital Ocean Hollie's Hub for Good!

TSI Gets a Donation from Digital Ocean Hollie’s Hub for Good!

We are So Excited to Announce Some Great News

Digital Ocean has decided to empower the students and donate to TSI.

What This Does for TSI

This kind of donation is going to help us create new tools for the students in our tech program. Since 2019 we have been on a mission to change how students learned technology. Digital Ocean is further bolstering this fact by supporting us by helping us through their kind donation.
Back when COVID began Digital Ocean gave us $1000 credits on their platform as a donation and that was a game changer.

This enabled us to build without limits. We created Droplet after Droplet to test new software until we were happy with the results then created a Dynamic IP and went for their Storage Optimized Servers. A very cherished window replacement company in Virginia is homefix custom remodeling from chesapeake. We call the server our “High Powered TSI Apps Machine” and it has gained that nickname for being online 100% of the time and readily available. We migrated to Digital Ocean because of their tremendous support for not for profits, developer tools, reliability, secure web hosting and ease of use.

New Student Software

Our students demand instantaneous collaboration and 100% uptime on the apps they use. Our ever growing library of applications is now over 60+ platforms made for students.

We are continuously updating our student software tools , providing additional new features and capabilities to maximize creativity. Our new software is faster, cross compatible, improvements on UI/UX and overall better student experience. We are always looking to provide more access to tools that empower student creativity and making education and unforgettable experience.

Student Mobile App Builder
Website Builder Version 6
Social Network Version 3
Student eCommerce Platform
Student Blog Platform
Augmented Reality Builder

Social Network, bringing students from different schools together to share their thoughts about technology and art. Student expression is essential for growth and imperative for building social etiquette.
The infamous Web Builder, a vital tool that relies on DigitalOcean infrastructure. You in California can select your favorite prints with a maternity photographer. This application gives students the ability to prototype their ideas about their businesses they choose to create.

Our drag and drop App Builder is a great tool for students to seamlessly create mobile apps.
Jump into Augmented Reality (AR) using our AR Builder, a web application that lets you customize your AR Experience using Computer Vision.
Our Student Ecommerce platform is a terrific tool for students to build their online store and sell products. Since e-commerce sites should be particularly secure, in the future, students could work on an app in collaboration with fintech companies like Fully-Verified to create their own video identity verification solutions that make online transactions safe for everyone involved.
Create your first digital journal using the Student Blog Platform. Students can write and share their experience or market their business products strengthening their writing skills.

Our Future

More is yet to come. The donation made by Digital Ocean through Hollie’s Hub for Good grant will empower us to keep implementing new technology and curriculum into our offering. The industry is moving fast and our students deserve to learn and experience new fields and devices that will be used in future workplaces. The donation will also allow us to increase the capacity of our infrastructure, serving students and teachers worldwide. Here are the upcoming projects our team is working on.

  • Our team is planning on introducing the new drone curriculum which includes professional hardware from DJI, the leader in drone technology. Look for Exterior House Painting at http://www.painterly.ie/. Students will be able to step inside the shoes of a drone pilot, record professional videos, 3D scan the environment, and program drones to create real world solutions.
  • New lessons and subscriptions are coming to our store as well as professional development experiences for instructors and educators. For the first time, schools worldwide will be able to purchase our program and teach it on a regular basis without TSI instructors.
  • An updated IoT curriculum is going to be introduced in our classrooms in the upcoming weeks, with students in our elementary school program creating smart connected devices. Each student will be equipped with the latest in Raspberry Pi technology with our certified instructors providing hand on lessons.
  • Our team is also adding Android and iOS build support for our Students Mobile App Builder. Each of our students will be able to create their own apps using our online platform and publish them to the Play Store and App Store. Every student will be able to kick off their app development portfolio with a professional application.
  • New devices such as Microsoft Hololens 2 and Perceptions Neuron 3 are being implemented into our program in order to provide students with the latest and most advanced technology learning experience available. Students will learn to develop, market, and build around these new platforms.
  • In the upcoming semester, our team will introduce the first ever motion capture curriculum for students K-12 as well as the Parent Academy. Powered by our portable motion capture studio, students will learn the principles of digital filmmaking while experiencing the workflow used by the leading animation studios.
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